This is Big League Shoe, my Etsy store for custom Keds and Vans. Here's how I advertise my own products, straight from the site:

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Welcome to Big League Shoe! Can I interest you in a pair of custom Keds or Vans? Each pair is hand-drawn with a bright, bold custom design sure to catch the attention of your crush. Don’t have a crush? Great! You don’t need someone else to define you, but a pair of custom shoes could certainly help. Right now I have a small stable of designs, but I’m open to customizing them to your heart’s desire. Feel free to Request Custom Order so that I can help craft your design just the way you want or cater to any other special request. I got your back. And feet.

Bright Custom Designs on Quality Canvas Shoes

When I was a kid I doodled on my shoes because I wanted to showcase my art in a unique, fun way and wear my interests for the world to see. Now that I'm older and can hopefully classify my art as more than "doodles," I'd love to share some fun designs and customize some Keds and Vans for you! 

Each design is drawn freehand with high quality markers and finished with a UV protector for lasting brilliance. Shoes are made to order with the whole process taking about five to six hours. I love every minute so please browse around and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Sample Listing "Custom Vans or Keds Shoes - "Eat Your Vegetables" Hand-Drawn Design"


This IS your garden variety shoe! Each pair is hand-drawn with waterproof Prismacolor markers and finished with a UV protector to prevent fading. 

Due to the freehand nature of the art, designs will not appear exactly as they do in the photos. They will feature the same elements but with a slightly different pattern to ensure that no two pairs are alike. I want your shoes to be unique in their own way!

I can alter and/or customize this design for no extra charge. Hate avocados? I’ll cut them out. Love rutabagas? I’ll put ‘em in! Feel free to contact me and I will work to incorporate your concept the best way I can.


Spot clean only. Shoes are protected against fading and light rain, but not recommended for use in inclement weather. Do not wear in tornadoes, mudslides, or Great Floods.

To ensure the design’s longevity and brightness, you can continue to finish each pair of shoes with a UV protector every few months. I recommend Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating (MATTE).

To clean the white rubber sole, magic erasers work wonders.


Designs are made for Keds and Vans. Please ensure that you know your shoe size in those specific brands prior to ordering.

For International Customers - Please ensure that you convert to the proper US shoe size. You can use these charts provided here:


Shoes are made to order. Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. If you need them faster, please contact me and we can arrange for expedited shipping at an extra cost.


If you are not completely satisfied, I will accept unworn, undamaged shoes in exchange for the full cost of the shoe minus shipping. I want to provide the best service I can so please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, even if they’re not about shoes.