Noah attempts to reconnect with his parents and meets a new friend. Meanwhile, Ephraim's birthday party doesn't go as planned.

Ephraim orders Noah to find him some new friends, but Noah gets sidetracked by his burgeoning friendship with Becky.           

Cellar Dwellers is a 7-episode semi-autobiographical web series created by a few of my friends. They enlisted my help to craft a narrative, but I ended up staying to write--and even direct--most episodes!

Brothers Noah and Ephraim must learn to live and love after their parents abandon them for China. When Noah meets alluring businesswoman Becky and she encourages him to visit China, Ephraim must face a world without his dim-witted, yet well-meaning brother.


Created by Noah Rinsky, Ephraim Rinksy, & Maxx Loup
Directed by Jesse Mallin
Filmed & Edited by Miles Kerr
Written by Jesse Mallin & Noah Rinsky
Produced by Mark Rinsky
Asst Director Miles Kerr
Music by Maxx Loup

Noah Rinsky --- Noah
Ephraim Rinsky --- Ephraim
Sarah Keyes --- Becky
Maxx Loup --- Andrew
Raymond --- Raymond the Super
Miles Kerr --- Tea Guy
Kevin Heald --- Cheese Guy
Steve Nacache --- Bordeaux Steve
Jesse Mallin --- Shady Guy
Bandit --- Bandit

Feeling rejected by Noah, Ephraim strikes out on his own to make a new friend. Does he? Spoiler alert: he doesn't.                     

Ephraim gleefully embraces a life without Noah. Just kidding, he spirals into misery. But salvation may be waiting just around the corner...

Becky reveals her true intentions to Noah while Ephraim makes a last-ditch effort to save the day. Hilarity ensues? I don't know, I guess I'll have to watch it with you.

Noah and Becky take their new business venture on the road and discover that basic human interaction is harder than it looks.

Ephraim confronts Becky in an attempt to win Noah back, but will his efforts drive the brothers even further apart? It'd be pretty lame if they didn't.